Spring 2013 brought another invitation from Florida Blue to perform visual facilitation during their live simulcast of TEDMED 2013 at their Jacksonville headquarters. Similar to working for Florida Blue/TEDMED 2012, this three-day event broadcast from Lincoln Center in Washington, DC featured a fascinating line-up of thought-provoking speakers who brought to life innovations and issues in healthcare and technology through discussion, art and music. This year's conference featured a live look-in at the Jacksonville broadcast and a interview with Florida Blue's CEO Pat Geraghty.
One of the challenges of illustrating the 10-15 minute presentations from over 40 speakers -besides running out of ink in my favorite markers- is how to fill that page without it looking too much like a sketchbook that just exploded? As I worked I found a horizontal layout made for a easier-to-read left-to-right format. 
When David Beer witnessed a terror attack at age 7 in Israel, he dedicated himself to saving lives ever since. View his presentation here.
Speaker and poet Sekou Andrews led a powerful call-and response during a speech on heart health. Watch him here.
Michael Webb stages dinners to discuss issues of death and dying. This was a provocative conversation that brought the audience to join in a hushed collective "wow" after he spoke.
The Mazari Brothers filled the screen with just two pairs of feet. Watch them move here.
The Washington Conservetory performed a "creative symphony". Watch it here.
Artist Sue Austin redefined 'disabled' with a video featuring underwater wheelchair flying.
There's not many jobs where I get to have so much fun and learn at the same time- and by the end of the conference there's a lot of square footage of illustration for everybody look at!
I'm grateful and lucky to get to participate as well as to meet so many nice people- so let me give special thanks to those who made it possible for me to come down and work: Innovation Consultants Robin Shelly and Kathy Freyman, Administrator Patty Shlafer, VP Renee Finley, and most of all to Senior Director Business Innovation Les McPhearson - who was the catalyst for bringing the TEDMED live broadcast to FloridaBlue. 
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