Graphic Recording of TEDMED at FloridaBlue 2013

Large-scale illustrations created on-the-spot during 3 days of live speeches, music and art at the live simulcast of TEDMED 2013 at FloridaBlue's headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.

Spring 2013 brought another invitation from Florida Blue to perform visual facilitation during their live simulcast of TEDMED 2013 at their Jacksonville headquarters. Similar to working for Florida Blue/TEDMED 2012, this three-day event broadcast from Lincoln Center in Washington, DC featured a fascinating line-up of thought-provoking speakers who brought to life innovations and issues in healthcare and technology through discussion, art and music. This year's conference featured a live look-in at the Jacksonville broadcast and a interview with Florida Blue's CEO Pat Geraghty.
One of the challenges of illustrating the 10-15 minute presentations from over 40 speakers -besides running out of ink in my favorite markers- is how to fill that page without it looking too much like a sketchbook that just exploded? As I worked I found a horizontal layout made for a easier-to-read left-to-right format. 
When David Beer witnessed a terror attack at age 7 in Israel, he dedicated himself to saving lives ever since. View his presentation here.
Speaker and poet Sekou Andrews led a powerful call-and response during a speech on heart health. Watch him here.
Michael Webb stages dinners to discuss issues of death and dying. This was a provocative conversation that brought the audience to join in a hushed collective "wow" after he spoke.
The Mazari Brothers filled the screen with just two pairs of feet. Watch them move here.
The Washington Conservetory performed a "creative symphony". Watch it here.
Artist Sue Austin redefined 'disabled' with a video featuring underwater wheelchair flying.
There's not many jobs where I get to have so much fun and learn at the same time- and by the end of the conference there's a lot of square footage of illustration for everybody look at!
I'm grateful and lucky to get to participate as well as to meet so many nice people- so let me give special thanks to those who made it possible for me to come down and work: Innovation Consultants Robin Shelly and Kathy Freyman, Administrator Patty Shlafer, VP Renee Finley, and most of all to Senior Director Business Innovation Les McPhearson - who was the catalyst for bringing the TEDMED live broadcast to FloridaBlue. 
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