I was invited to work with a leading consulting team as they led a group from a major food company through a 3-day workshop designed to sharpen their creative focus in Minneapolis, Minnesota. From the group's initial warmup "stretches" to their final presentations where they used their new skills to create fresh product ideas, I captured all the action as it happened with large scale illustrations.
Here's a sample of the small, quick sketches I make as I listen to the presentations. They're rough but serve as a good guide to draw from. I'll call them cheat sheets- but not quite like the picture below that urges participants to find a good way to keep track of their thoughts (but with a less painful process)...
Playing with words and phrases in these details from the boards:
I'm really pleased when pictures are snapped of the posters at the end of the sessions. It's a great way to finish a terrific 3 days with new friends and fascinating content.
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