Idea Blizzard! CPSI 2014

Drawing and designing during the Creative Education Foundation's Creative Problem Solving Institute 2014 CPSI Conference in Buffalo, NY. Its a real highlight of the year where I get to utilize a full-range of illustration styles: from designing the event poster to graphic recording during the many workshops and speeches. An added bonus is its a excellent education opportunity where I've met a lot of smart and nice people.

Once the snow melts and the sun shines bright in Buffalo, NY, the Creative Problem Solving Institute (also known as CPSI) holds a annual conference on the campus of the University at Buffalo that draws hundreds of creative thinkers and doers from all over the world.
This was my second trip to the CPSI Conference to enjoy a non-stop week of fascinating people, inspiring workshops, great speakers and spirited conversation. Of course the main event for me was drawing all the action: from the conference logo to directional signs; to on-the-spot visual note taking and banners promoting events.
First order of business- Gotta get that name tag drawn!
Before the conference I got busy designing and illustrating the poster and conference handbook.
...lighten up- poster and handbook cover- done!
A terrific highlight was helping conduct two workshops on Visual Facilitation with Deanna Murphy from Organized for Discovery- and Ingrid Bredenberg of Bredenberg and Associates
We did a all-day "pre-conference" session, then an afternoon workshop which filled with 30+ attendees, then took on a additional 30 kids from the CPSI Youth Program. A big crowd and a bit of quick improvising kept those kids busy- and it all helped to make CPSI a unforgettable experience!
Here's the banners I knocked out to help the big fund-raising event in the bar on the last evening of the conference.
Did I mention there was a bar?... to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while I made this poster for a evening costume party.
A big thanks to Leanna Murphy from Organized for Discovery and Ingrid Brandenburg from Bredenberg and Associates 
And a extra-special nod to CPSI Program Director Kristen Peterson from KPCatalyst for bringing me in to participate and become a part of this incredible learning experience. 
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