Once the snow melts and the sun shines bright in Buffalo, NY, the Creative Problem Solving Institute (also known as CPSI) holds a annual conference on the campus of the University at Buffalo that draws hundreds of creative thinkers and doers from all over the world. https://secure.lenos.com/lenos/cef/CPSI2015/home.htm
This was my second trip to the CPSI Conference to enjoy a non-stop week of fascinating people, inspiring workshops, great speakers and spirited conversation. Of course the main event for me was drawing all the action: from the conference logo to directional signs; to on-the-spot visual note taking and banners promoting events.
First order of business- Gotta get that name tag drawn!
Before the conference I got busy designing and illustrating the poster and conference handbook.
...lighten up- poster and handbook cover- done!
A terrific highlight was helping conduct two workshops on Visual Facilitation with Deanna Murphy from Organized for Discovery- http://www.organizedfordiscovery.com/staff.html and Ingrid Bredenberg of Bredenberg and Associates http://www.bredenbergassociates.com.
We did a all-day "pre-conference" session, then an afternoon workshop which filled with 30+ attendees, then took on a additional 30 kids from the CPSI Youth Program. A big crowd and a bit of quick improvising kept those kids busy- and it all helped to make CPSI a unforgettable experience!
Here's the banners I knocked out to help the big fund-raising event in the bar on the last evening of the conference.
Did I mention there was a bar?...
...got to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while I made this poster for a evening costume party.
A big thanks to Leanna Murphy from Organized for Discovery http://www.organizedfordiscovery.com/staff.html and Ingrid Brandenburg from Bredenberg and Associates http://www.bredenbergassociates.com 
And a extra-special nod to CPSI Program Director Kristen Peterson from KPCatalyst http://kpcatalyst.com/about-us/ for bringing me in to participate and become a part of this incredible learning experience. 
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