What could hi-tech innovations do to make your home (and office) more comfortable and enhance your life in a multitude of ways? Here's my illustrations based on the ideas and concepts discussed at a one-day ideation session for a international construction product manufacturer that will show you the way...
Comfort and information available with a touch as soon as you wake- Meet the new house equipped to make everyday your most productive day!
Step outside and see this sketch for a environmentally-friendly home design that uses the weather to its advantage- (color version shown below):
Another view of a home and its exceptional use of the environment (and electronics) to enhance your personal environment, provide environmental savings, and home security.
Interior of a home designed to help senior citizens thrive and enjoy their golden years.
This sketch envisions a small-space modular home thats big on options for entertainment, comfort, and productivity (color version below).
Step into a new innovative work environment designed to boost creativity and connect globally.
Flexible workspace to enhance the creativity and productivity of one or many.
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