While insights, ideas, concepts and conundrums are served up faster than conference room doughnuts, I’m faithfully listening and illustrating what's happening for clients looking to give form to their ideas, engage their participants, or map strategies during workshops, speeches and ideation sessions nationwide. 
The finished work hangs in many corporate offices and serves as a accessible reminder of the enthusiasm of the meeting and a motivator for future plans.
Now where's the coffee?
MEET AND GREET Working on massive columns in a corporate office lobby gave me the chance to meet some nice people and enjoy some positive feedback. My job was to capture the excitement of the events taking place daily in a new workspace upstairs and encourage employees to check out the action...
POSTER SHOP I enjoy getting the oportunity to knock out a few posters for the sessions (I'll hold off on those doughnuts till the work is done).
PERSPECTIVE I get to work for some incredible people at some fantastic locations. A nice view is icing on the cake (doughnut?).
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