Not only is CPSI 2016 a incredible opportunity to sharpen my knowledge of the science and practice of deliberate creativity, but it was also a big chance to show off my design, graphic recording and illustration chops.
Their website sets it up: "The Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) is the world’s longest-running creativity conference – offering a one-of-a-kind personal and professional training opportunity that brings together a diverse cross section of business leaders, educators, community activists, students, and more."
Get more info here and plan to attend- hey this is something to shout about! 

Shift was the theme for the 2016 conference: "SHIFT" your thinking and attitude, so I set about sketching just what that would look like: massive letters to serve as a platform for creative activities, refined to the letters on a series of boxes that would house various creative activities (and real large-size boxes would be created and placed around the conference property)...check out that logo in the center - it was the clear winner!
Notice the edges of the cover art- I was inspired by the  distinctive architecture of many of the University of Buffalo budings (designed in the 1960's to discourage Vietnam war protests) 
I designed the boxes to not only hold the "SHIFT" letters, but to also hold various thinking and playing activities- as well as serve as a background for the cover.

Not only did I get to hear some great speakers, I got to draw their speeches and presentations- featuring Jim Ridge, Jamie GallagherGerry TabioGert Garman and the Parnes Fellows Scholarship winners....
Thanks to my daughter Bess- who who attended CPSI again this year (yes families are welcome and encouraged to attend!)and took this sneak-peek of me at work during one of the Keynotes.
CPSI is a great kickoff to summer so plenty of cold drinks are needed- and so was this poster that I designed to thank the sponsors!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the conference, so I designed a sharp logo to help them stand out as they circulated through the crowd performing their Herculean duties!
Buffalo is a great place to visit- creative inspiration is everywhere!
The first job when you get here is to design your name tag-so I had to shift my tag into high gear!
I'm very thankful for all the people that make CPSI a special happening- especially Kristen Peterson and Beth Miller!
CPSI never sleeps- except at the airport when the conference is over!
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