I think a little picture can mean a lot: a small, quick sketch done in the spirit of the meeting, conference, or even a conversation with your colleagues can start a domino effect that leads to a more thorough understanding of a issue by inviting more participation from all involved. You'll find a new enthusiasm to offer fresh insights- and even more ideas and solutions. 
Attendees might keep the written hand-outs and notes from a conference in the nearest file, but I find the visual holds a bold and bright edge over the verbal as participants will be taking pictures, drawing what I've drawn, and talking about a large-scale poster's content long after the event (especially when the poster are displayed in a prominent place or photos of the posters are tucked-in with those hand-outs).
Here's details from posters created at conferences, meetings and new product ideations. Take a look and feel free to send me questions and comments anytime.
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